moo's memory farm

~*moo's memory farm~* is a browser based repository of 3D objects, which hold specific sentimental value to the creators. Visitors of the site are able to navigate 360 degrees around the digital space. Each memory object is clickable, and contains a personal visual reflection to further augment the online sharing experience. The project began as a collaboration between two friends. They intended to use the barn as a site for exchanging personal experiences that could not necessarily be easily expressed in words. As the height of COVID-19 necessitated communications exist online exclusively, the central narrative of the work shifted to reflect a desire to break through the barrier of the computer screen to create intimate exchanges. Certain aesthetic aspects of the project are nostalgic for an earlier freeform version of the internet, such that existed in the era of Geocities, which allowed users to 'surf' through personal webpages. This site was created in collaboration with Sean Scanlan.